Little Havens child Vivien with her family in the Little Havens gardens

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We have the privilege of caring for many children and their families at Little Havens Hospice, and in the community.

Like many people, they had preconceptions of what hospice care meant.

They have agreed to tell their story to you in the hope that it sheds some light on the reality of how hospice care can benefit families in the toughest of times, and overcome fears of what hospices are like.  

  • Jessica enjoying Sensory Storytime with Heather from EPIC

    jessica's story

    “I thought we belong here - Jessica belongs here – that’s how I felt from that initial first visit.”

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  • Sienna at Little Havens with an EPIC carer

    sienna's story

    When Sienna was born in June 2017 she was starved of oxygen during delivery and was born with no heartbeat ...

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  • Grace with her brother Billy and dad Richard at Little Havens

    grace's story

    Seventeen-year-old Grace has been going to Little Havens since she was two and is now also supported by The J's....

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  • Brothers Thomas and Andrew

    thomas's story

    Thomas’s Mum was referred to Little Havens by a friend whose daughter was cared for by Little Havens before she ...

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  • Little Havens child Billy with a member of the Care Team

    billy's story

    “We know ultimately why we’re here but that thought isn’t a burden to us. We’re living, not dwelling.”

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  • Little Havens child Vivien

    vivien's story

    “We’d be devastated if the hospice didn’t exist as it’s our only support network.”

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  • Harry playing in the water fountain


    Born in 2015, Harry has kidney disease. Harry and his family – Mum Zoe, Dad Ben and older brother Billy ...

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  • Ellie and Roy

    ellie's story

    Ellie was three when she died at home in her sleep on 16th December last year.

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  • Jack Thumwood in his school uniform

    jack thumwood

    Jack Thumwood lived in Colchester with his mum Alli, dad Jim and older sister Sophie.

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  • Maci and her mum Sophie in the ball pool at Little Havens

    maci-louise's story

    For the first 10 weeks of Maci-Louise’s life she would scream constantly, vomit, wouldn’t take any type of feed and ...

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  • A Little Havens Patient

    harry's story

    When seven-year-old Harry was 21 months old he was diagnosed with Leighs Syndrome, a type of Mitochondrial Disease, caused when ...

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  • A little havens patient with his mum

    brandon's story

    Brandon is a very unique eleven year old boy. He has Lennox-Gastuat Syndrome, a type of severe and rare epilepsy ...

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  • Jack with a Little Havens Nurse in the multi sensory room at Little Havens Hospice

    jack's story

    Seven-year-old Jack Smith lives in Rayleigh with his mum, Kayley, and step-dad Bobby and he loves Peppa Pig, swimming and ...

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