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Havens Hospices promotes diversity through achieving genuine equality of opportunity. The organisation aims to recognise and value differences between individuals, such as age, disability, sex/ gender, race, religion or belief, marital status or civil partnership, gender reassignment, pregnancy / maternity and sexual orientation. Only by embracing people with different backgrounds can we fulfil our Vision and Mission.

Havens Hospices is committed to defining each person’s responsibilities in support of this policy, ensuring that our policies and procedures are fair and equitable; raising awareness of the needs of traditionally disadvantaged groups; and eliminating discrimination, bullying and harassment within the Charity by making unlawful discrimination a disciplinary offence. This policy applies to recruitment, selection and vacancy advertising.

Candidates have a responsibility to talk to the Charity about their needs. There may be occasions when a candidate requires us to make adjustments to our standard recruitment forms, processes and procedures to enable their application to be considered on a fair and equitable basis. Havens Hospices will discuss with the individual what adjustments are reasonable, effective and achievable.

You can read more on our approach to equality, diversity and inclusion – called FREDIE – here.

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Our Gender Pay Gap

At Havens Hospices, we celebrate equality and diversity in our staff. We are committed to identifying and working to reduce gender pay gaps.

Our Gender Pay Gap Reports can be found here: