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Wellbeing Care

About Our Wellbeing Care

Our Wellbeing Team provides support for patients and families who have been referred to Little Havens or Fair Havens. We offer a range of life-enhancing therapies, help with accessing benefits and local services, and provide emotional, mental health, social, and spiritual support. We start by having a chat to find out what’s important to you, then we’ll suggest some options you can choose from. 

Here’s a selection of the help and support we can offer: 

  • Support from our Social Worker
  • Counselling for adults and children
  • Carers Support
  • Complementary Therapies
  • Creative art therapies 
  • Spiritual advice and support 
  • Therapeutic workshops and events
  • Children's therapeutic groups
  • Bereavement support and groups for children and adults

The Wellbeing Team can only accept referrals from patients, families of patients who have already been accepted for our hospice care and adults and children living in Castle Point and Rochford who need bereavement support. However, we may be able to provide support by signposting to other organisations and resources that may meet your needs. Please use the form below to contact our Wellbeing Team

If you or your family member is already being cared for by one of our hospice services, a referral to the Wellbeing Team can be made by their Key Worker or you can make a self referral by emailing 

If you feel that you are at risk of harm or need urgent support then please do not proceed with this form and call 999 or your GP.

About our services

Spiritual advice and support – exploring what is important to you which brings you peace of mind, a sense of worth and meaning to their life  

You may think that Spiritual Care within a hospice setting is only for people with religious or overtly spiritual beliefs or practices. In our Spiritual Care we will seek to meet any religious or spiritual needs but our Spiritual Care meets all people equally and focuses on what is important to them as individuals.

Spiritual Care for you may simply mean support from a person who understands your feelings or fears at this time. Spiritual Care involves everyone in supporting the human spirit in others. We are all unique individuals who hold to diverse beliefs and practices through our cultures and experiences in life.

We respect all and support all people equally and respect all cultures and experiences whether religious, spiritual or simply from our common humanity. 

We seek whatever helps to bring the individual peace of mind, a sense of their worth, inner strength, affirmation and meaning. Any person may receive benefit from our shared approach to Spiritual Care and need not have a religion or spiritual path to benefit from it.

Our specialist bereavement team offer a wide range of services that are each tailored to your individual needs helping to cope with grief and loss. A member of the bereavement team can support you to access the right service for you at the right time. Find out more here.

Creative art therapies – providing the chance to learn new skills, enjoy yourself, meet people and develop your confidence. 

 Activities include; painting, creative writing, photography and gardening. Our creative therapists help patients to share their story through memory boxes, life story writing and other activities.

Complementary Therapies are a range of supportive therapies offered alongside medical treatment. to enhance your wellbeing, reduce your anxiety, and give you a boost. Many people with life-limiting illnesses use these to help them cope with the disease and the side-effects of treatments. The therapies we provide are massage, aromatherapy, Indian head massage, reflexology and reiki.

The Wellbeing Team offers support for the whole family including carers and children when they need specialist advice and support, or just someone to talk to. The support package is tailored to the individual and can include group support, emotional wellbeing support or counselling for those who need a little more support. 

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Find out more about how our Wellbeing Team can support children, young people and adults living with complex or incurable conditions, as well as their families. 

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