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Children's and Young People's Care

The Little Havens team provides care and support for each child or young person and their whole family in their homes and at our hospice, in Rayleigh.

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About our care

Little Havens provides specialist care and support for babies, children and young people living with complex or incurable conditions from Essex and the surrounding boroughs. 

Most of the babies, children and young people we care for have conditions that limit their life expectancy, making it even more important for them and their families to make every day of their lives together count. 

We care for babies, children and young people who have:

  • Conditions where curative treatment is possible but may fail.
  • Conditions where there is no cure and worsen over time
  • Conditions which are irreversible and may lead to severe health complications and care needs which are highly medically complex
  • Children who are receiving treatment in an intensive care setting and referred for palliative care support for the compassionate withdrawal of treatment.

This list is to be used as a guide only and is not exhaustive of the eligible conditions.

Our care is provided absolutely free of charge.

Havens Hospices is a charity and 80% of the funds we need to care for local families are contributed by kind people like you. 



Find out how the Little Havens team can support children living with complex or incurable conditions, as well as their families.

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A family sat outside together in the garden all smiling at the camera
Little Havens helps to keep us sane, because we have got that place we can turn to when we need a bit of a break. Lynette, Alyssa's mum