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About Our Care

Our Community Team provides care and support at home for babies, children and young people from Essex and the surrounding boroughs, who have complex or incurable conditions. 

This care and support includes your whole family and is focused on each family’s needs, wishes and choices.

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Care and support from our Community Team

The support we offer includes:

  • Providing nursing and supportive care for your child in your own home, so you can have a much-needed break, or take care of other important matters. This is so important to give parents and carers time to rest and recuperate, time to attend appointments to support your own health and wellbeing, or the needs of your other children. This is often referred to as ‘respite care’. 
  • Specialist care and support for children and young people approaching the end of their life. 
  • Wellbeing support for your whole family, including your other children, help with benefits, counselling and bereavement support. 

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