Elijah, Mum Natasha And Carer Emma walking in the Little Havens garden

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We don’t charge a penny for our care – and that’s only possible because of donations made by people like you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at our frequently asked questions below. If your question isn't answered here please send your questions and queries about Havens Hospices by filling out the form further down this page. 

We do have a canvassing team which helps us promote the Havens Hospices Lottery. You can find photos of all our approved canvassers on our website here.

They should show you official ID and not put you under pressure to sign up straight away. If you have any concerns, please fill out the form below and one of our team will get back to you.

We also work with APT telemarketing. Leslie is a fundraiser working on behalf of Havens Hospices, if you are contacted by phone she will have rang from 01702 220350.  If you have any questions or concerns, please fill out the form below and one of our team will get back to you.

For comments, feedback and compliments, please fill in our patient and family feedback form. For guidance on how to make a complaint about the care provided by Havens Hospices, please visit this page for details. https://www.havenshospices.org.uk/about-us/complaints/

We often get asked if we need donations of wheelchairs and pads, for example. We are fortunate enough to have the relevant equipment within the hospices, and do not have the resources to collect large-items and pass them on to other families.

The only supplies we can accept are unopened packs of ‘wrap-around’ pads (like nappies). Please fill out the form below with more details. Other designs are not suitable for our patients but may be appreciated by nursing homes or food banks.

Yes. For the specific details, please email fradmin@havenshospices.org.uk with details of who is donating the money, how it was raised and the main contact details so we can send you a proper thank you.

You can change your personal details or contact preferences on our ‘Change Me’ form here.

All current paid and volunteer vacancies are listed on our website. If you have specific skills which you would like to volunteer to the charity, please email volunteering@havenshospices.org.uk

Havens Hospices doesn’t have an established work experience placement scheme, but may be able to make arrangements depending on the nature of the role and duration of post. Email ldevelopment@havenshospices.org.uk with details

Email fradmin@havenshospices.org.uk with your details and they will pass on to your local Havens Hospices fundraiser.

We appreciate that people like to donate chocolate to the charity at Easter and Christmas. However, the majority of our children are unable to eat orally, so many food gifts like these are either passed to siblings or our fundraising team.

If you are able to make a donation to the value of the Easter Eggs or confectionary, that would be grateful received by the charity which relies on donations to continue our free care.

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If you have an urgent care enquiry, please call 01702 220350 and select the appropriate option for Little Havens or Fair Havens .

If you'd like to find out how we use your information you can read our Privacy Policy, or if you have any questions you can call us on 01702 220 350.