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Do you have Private Health Insurance?

How your Private Health Insurance could help support specialist care at Havens Hospices

Havens Hospices is a local charity. We’re proud that all the specialist care and support we provide to those living with complex or incurable conditions is free of charge. However, only around 20% of our costs are funded by the government, so we must raise more than £184,000 a week to be there for everyone who needs us in the community.

If you’ve received support from Havens Hospices and have private health or medical insurance, you can request a donation from your insurance provider. It won’t cost you anything, and we can support this request.

Many people have private health insurance, either through personal plans or one that an employer has taken out on their behalf.

The policy will cover the individual and in some cases, partners and family members.

Depending on the provider, health insurance plans can cover a range of hospice services. If a person being cared for by Havens Hospices has insurance, they may be able to ask their insurer for a donation. In some cases, a carer may be able to do this on their behalf.

If you have private health insurance, you or your next of kin can liaise with your insurance company directly.

Alternatively, you can let us know by filling in your details on our online form.

If we are claiming on your behalf, we will write to your insurer asking for a donation.

This depends on the policy you have and who your insurer is as some companies specifically exclude hospice care. Whatever the result we will let you know what response your insurance company gives us.

Here are some insurers who have donated to hospices in the past. This list is not exhaustive, so if you don’t see your insurer below it is still worth checking.

You may also be covered by your workplace insurance or Employee Assistance Programme if you are still employed

As it is a voluntary donation and not a legal obligation, it should not increase premiums but may vary between providers. If this is a concern, please liaise directly with the provider for clarification.

Yes, many providers offer donations towards care at home.

This is dependent on individual providers and policies.