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Death and dying can be a hard subject to talk about no matter what age you are. But across Havens Hospices we work with patients, families and their loved ones to try and help them to die well. 

The wellbeing of families is as important as the medical and nursing care that we provide. The Havens Hospices Wellbeing Team have produced these free downloadable resources to support you.

Our care is completely free of charge but this can only continue thanks to the generosity of our supporters who make kind donations. A small donation will make such a difference to the level of care we’re able to offer. 

Grief and Bereavement (Children and Young People)

Child friendly grief cycle

Telling your child someone is dying

Supporting bereaved children with ASD

Wellbeing Activity Resources

The four resources below, are free to download below, and can be used to support someone with a complex or incurable condition or if their loved ones has died. These resources could be used at home or at school. For more information please contact us.

  • 'Books for special situations' provides a list of books suitable for a range of ages to help them safely explore their feelings.
  • 'How to create a sand jar' can be used to create a keepsake for a child or adult who wants to hold onto memories of their special person.
  • 'How to make a button tree' is a simple activity which can encourage a child or adult to talk about a particular time in their life, or their special person's. 
  • 'How to create a memory box' can be used by a child or adult who wants to hold onto memories of their special person or a person who wants to pass on treasured memories to loved ones.
Books for special situations

How to make a sand jar

How to make a button tree

How to make a memory box