Occupational therapist laughing with two patients

Patient & Family Feedback

Can we improve our services?

The Care Team at Havens Hospices would really benefit from your feedback, If you have any comments, compliments or ways we can improve our care at Havens Hospices please use the feedback form below to let us know. Your feedback will help us to continuously improve our care for our patients and their families.

If you would like a printed feedback form please speak to a member of staff at the hospice or contact us. Should you have an urgent enquiry relating to care please call the hospice on 01702 220 350, or if you would like information on making a complaint please click here.

Malwinder at a physio session in Fair Havens
Now I look forward to visiting Fair Havens. We’re part of a family unit – it’s great. Being in this environment is marvellous and invaluable.