Malwinder at a physio session in Fair Havens

Malwinder’s Story

In 2019, Malwinder’s world was turned upside down when she was diagnosed with IPF and her life was brought to a standstill. Earlier this year, it was recommended to her by health professionals that she start using the services at Fair Havens. 

Speaking about the first time Fair Havens was suggested, she says, “My community care nurse explained to myself and my husband that it wasn’t just about end of life care. It is an awful lot more than that, including supportive care. 

“When we came here for the first time, I was dreading it. A chill went through my body, and I wondered why I was here, but we didn’t realise the wide range of supportive services available.” 

Fair Havens provides care and support to adults living with incurable conditions in Southend, Castle Point and Rochford from their diagnosis and throughout their life’s journey. 

It offers a wide range of wellbeing support through the Fair Havens Hub, including different facilities, activities, and therapies to enhance their wellbeing and help them make the most of life. They can learn new skills, relax, have fun, make new friends, take advantage of soothing and uplifting individual therapies, or speak privately to the experienced team. 

Malwinder began to attend the ‘HOPE Course’ (Help Overcoming Problems Effectively), which helps people manage the day-to-day impact their incurable condition has on their lives and rediscover their strengths. It is an interactive, group-based, self-management support course which runs for six weeks. 

“Every week, there was a different topic and goal. I knew a lot already, but the course helped me to become more focused. It was refreshing to hear other people’s ideas, and I looked forward to coming in for the course and seeing the same people and our progression.” 

Alongside the ‘HOPE Course’, Malwinder has also benefited from other activities and therapies. 

“I have had physiotherapy, counselling, creative therapy and taken part in Tai Chi. I also had reflexology, which made me feel wonderful and grateful.” 

She says about life since attending the hospice, “Fair Havens is wonderful, and the service is second to none. I feel relaxed here. They don’t make you feel like you are being a burden on them or that you are just a number. There is help and support there for you – it’s reassurance that you are not alone. 

“The staff are from a special mould. They are all just so wonderful and caring – you relate to them immediately. 

“The service provided and the care given by everyone is amazing. They are knowledgeable, considerate and sensitive to your needs and wishes. The whole service is above and beyond my expectations. 

“Now I look forward to visiting Fair Havens. We’re part of a family unit – it’s great. Being in this environment is marvellous and invaluable.” 

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Published in 2024

Now I look forward to visiting Fair Havens. We’re part of a family unit – it’s great. Being in this environment is marvellous and invaluable.