Amanda, patient at Fair Havens, sat in a chair wearing a blood pressure cuff. Nursing Assistant wearing glasses and mask stood next to her with her hand gently on Amanda's arm

Pay for a Day

When someone has a condition that can't be cured, there is so much Havens Hospices can do to make them feel better and enjoy a better quality of life. A place to turn when they need somewhere for help, support and to make memories.

Havens Hospices can be that place – with your help.

The specialist care and support we give to patients at Fair Havens and Little Havens is completely free of charge for as long as we’re needed, but can only continue thanks to the generosity of our supporters.

What is Pay for a Day?

Pay for a Day is a way of supporting a very tangible part of our hospice care. We’ve worked out that it costs around £7,217 per day per hospice to provide care for all the patients who need us.

This includes the cost of our nurses, carers and support staff like cooks and housekeepers. It also takes into consideration the cost of running the building like our utility bills as well as medical and personal care supplies. All of this is 'Making every day count' for our children, patients and families who need our hospice care.

By sponsoring a specific date, we can ensure that your donation pays for the care that is given within your chosen hospice during those 24 hours.

Young boy sat with mum on floor with drum in front of him. Care team member pouring rice onto the drum
How does it work?
  • Raise £7,217 – this may be a one-off donation by an individual or a group or people. It may be the sum of money you’ve raised through fundraising at your place of work, school or club. Many people take part in memory of a loved one
  • Choose a day – it could be a date special to you like an anniversary or birthday of someone close to you who has died. You can also sponsor public holidays or a date that is significant to your staff or members
  • Visit the hospice – it may not be possible for everyone, but we can arrange a visit to your chosen hospice on the day that you’ve sponsored for refreshments and to meet some of the Care Team who you’ve supported and they can tell you what they’ve done that day thanks to your donation
  • You’ll also receive a certificate of support and acknowledgement on our website and possibly social media if you’re willing to share photos and details about why you’ve taken part

How can I help Havens Hospices and ‘Pay for a Day’?

You can 'Pay for a Day' and help us continue caring for families when they need us most by either calling 01702 220 305 or filling out the form below and we will get in touch. 

Ava and Evie enjoying music therapy at the hospice with family
Life without Little Havens would be hard; I’d be broken without that support. Sarah, Evie's Mum