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About Fair Havens Hub

Fair Havens Hub focuses on life, living and what is important to you. Fair Havens Hub offers a wide range of facilities, activities, and therapies, to enhance your wellbeing, keep you living independently with your condition for longer and help you make the most of life. 

At Fair Havens Hub you can: 

  • Take part in enjoyable activities, learn new skills, relax and have fun.
  • Socialise with other people in your community – and make new friends.
  • Take advantage of soothing and uplifting individual therapies that reduce your anxiety, give you an enhanced sense of wellbeing, and help you feel more like yourself again.
  • Speak to our experienced team about any issues you are struggling with (this extends to supporting your loved ones).

There are opportunities to take part in group sessions – arts and crafts, and gardening are very popular – and choose from a variety of one-to-one sessions with our expert therapists and counsellors. We are always adding new sessions, facilities, and therapies based on what people tell us they would like or have most enjoyed. 

Learn more about our Wellbeing Services – accessible at the Hub, at home, or over the phone. 

The Fair Havens Hub offer services such as: 

Occupational therapy  

Uses a range of therapeutic interventions focussing on self-management and coping strategies to reduce the impact of frequently experienced symptoms such as anxiety, breathlessness, fatigue and sleeplessness.  


The Physiotherapy Team takes a person-centred rehabilitative approach to enable individuals to maintain or regain strength, movement, endurance and functional independence. The focus will be on managing and coping with physical, emotional and practical issues that may arise.  

Art and creative therapies 

Legacy work and a variety of creative activities such as art and creative writing. Promoting therapeutic wellbeing through expression. 

Outpatient palliative care medical appointments 

Including non – pharmacological symptom management and symptom management clinics  

Practical support programmes 

A range of practical support programmes including carers’ support, “thinking ahead” advanced care planning and coping strategies. Signposting for benefits advice. 

Emotional wellbeing support 

A range of therapeutic services to support emotional wellbeing for patients and carers. 

Complementary therapies  

A range of supportive therapies offered to improve wellbeing. Helping to cope with symptoms and side-effects of treatment. 

Initial contact may be made either by a patient or carer, or any professional directly involved in the patient’s care. Anyone making a referral must have the consent of the patient.

We will offer a holistic assessment of your needs by one of our trained multidisciplinary team and ask, “what matters to you?”  

We will then work with you to create a personalised programme of support to help meet your needs and/or signpost you to other services within the local community.  

The approach of our service is designed to support patients and their loved ones to live well which is known as a rehabilitative palliative care approach. We may also invite your loved ones to services either with you or separately depending on their needs and wishes. 

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