Elijah’s Story

“Without Little Havens I think we’d feel really lost, and alone.”

Elijah was diagnosed just hours after his premature birth at 31 weeks with a rare virus infection, causing a number of other complex conditions which affect his brain and development.  

After being very poorly as a baby and spending many months in hospital, mum Natasha knew Elijah’s life would be limited so she referred herself to Little Havens.  “When we came to Little Havens for the first time, it was more than I could ever imagined.”  

Elijah’s complex health needs mean he requires 24/7 care from single parent Natasha. Being a small family the respite from Little Havens is invaluable for the pair, “It’s a massive lifeline for me, because it’s the only respite I get.” 

“When we are at Little Havens, I feel safe because I know they understand Elijah. 

“If we didn’t have Little Havens, I don’t think I would be as strong as I am now. I know that if I get to a point where I am really struggling, I can call Little Havens and they will help me.  

When Elijah is well enough, he and Natasha enjoy coming to Little Havens for fun days and special events to make memories together.  

“The activities and events are one of my favourite parts of Little Havens. They’ve had Mother’s Day afternoon teas and Father’s Day event, where we’ve been able to come and just spend quality time together in a place where Elijah is known, understood and not judged by anyone.”  

Natasha explains how Elijah’s health means they face more challenges than other four-year-olds might. “We try to go out as much as possible and don’t let his disabilities stop us but it’s some of the simplest things that we actually can’t do. If we go to park, he can’t go on the normal swing or the roundabout but we come to Little Havens and he can play in the garden, and go on the wheelchair swing. Little Havens has given us a space to make every day count.”  

Just a month after sharing their experiences of Little Havens in this interview, an infection became too much for Elijah to cope with. The family came to Little Havens to spend Elijah’s last few days together.  

Natasha said, “No death is something you want, but having prepared for this moment for most of Elijah’s life, it was exactly how I wanted to spend his last days. Being able to be at Little Havens to process his passing, make lasting keepsakes like doing a hand cast was exactly what we needed.”  

“I’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone who supports Havens Hospices. Whether it’s money in a donation pot that you don’t think about, or doing an event for the hospice it all adds up and makes a massive impact on our family.  

“No one wants to come to a hospice and have a child with a life limiting condition, but your donation makes a huge difference to my life and helps me to remain strong for Elijah.”  

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Published in 2024

Without Little Havens I think we’d feel really lost, and alone.