the leadership team 

The role of our Leadership Team is to provide the best environment to care for those who need it most. Giving guidance and governance and making important strategic decisions.

Steve smith

steve smith

Chief Executive, Director of Facilities and New Fair Havens Project Director

I have been working for the organisation since October 2015 as Director of Facilities, but also New Fair Havens Hospice Project Director with my focus on building the new facility in Prittlewell, which is due for completion next spring. In August 2019, I was appointed as Chief Executive of Havens Hospices, a position I’m incredibly proud to hold.

I’m a former Vice Principal of Belfairs Academy and working in the public sector led me to realise that delivering projects that had a positive impact on people's lives was my passion.

My daily work at the school contributed to improving the education for over 1300 students.  Moving to the not-for-profit sector was an easy decision, and to do this in my hometown was very important.

My involvement in the delivery of the only secondary school in Southend to be completely rebuilt led to my interest in new Fair Havens and what an expanded and modernised hospice could offer the local community.

Throughout my time in leadership, identifying and understanding what makes an organisation successful has been important to me. Here at Havens Hospices, I want to use my experience to make a positive impact on families across Essex that need our help and I have a great sense of duty to use our donors’ money to deliver the best quality of care we can to as many people as we can.

Ultimately, we should be here to give better care to more people, through our actual hospices but also in the community. I’ll be working with our external healthcare partners to remove the isolation of hospice care and finding more opportunities to expand our care and funding models, as well as looking at ways to continue attracting qualified and passionate nursing staff to work for us.

I have promised to put the patients and families at the heart of every decision we make, listen to the ideas of our staff and volunteers and empower them to find solutions, and believe that we all have the potential to be even better at what we all do – regardless of where we work or volunteer within the organisation. We all have an important part to play.

trevor johnson

trevor johnson

Director of Income Generation 

I started my 20-year career in retail working for and with brands such as the Co-op and M&S.

When I saw an opportunity to work with Havens Hospices in 2010, it was a unique opportunity to use my retail skills to support the hospice movement that makes a difference to people’s lives.

When I joined, the charity had fourteen shops, and we have expanded this to twenty three.

During this time, I have undertaken my professional HR qualification (CMIPD) and enjoy using these skills and passion to support and help to develop staff and volunteers.

I love working at Havens Hospices as there is a genuine opportunity to support patients and their families who are going through one of the most difficult times of their lives.

My vision is a time where Havens Hospices is recognised as a key collaborator and partner in end of life care delivery and the place to work or volunteer if you are passionate about specialist palliative care.

Ellie Miller

ellie miller

Director of Care and Executive Nurse

I started my career in 1991, moving to Essex from my home in Oxfordshire to pursue my nurse training.

My first role was as Staff Nurse on the children’s ward at Basildon Hospital, moving to Broomfield Hospital in Chelmsford then Ward Manager, gaining experience of merging services, relocation of specialist patient services and integration into a district general hospital.

At Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow in 2000, I completed a Community Specialist Practice Post Graduate Diploma.

In 2005 I joined Provide, leading the development of services for children and young people with palliative care needs, and leading on several integrated collaborative inter-agency work-streams with the local authority across Essex.

During those 12 years I developed as a leader and found this to be my passion, establishing and developing highly performing teams which have been rated as outstanding by the CQC. 

Along with this experience, and successfully completing both an Institute of Leadership and Management Award (Level 5) in 2005, and a Masters in Healthcare Leadership (awarded Merit) in 2016, led me to seek a position in Senior Management where these skills and knowledge would be best utilised, tested and challenged.

Following the death of my father in 2017 in an acute healthcare setting, I wanted to explore other palliative care models which is what drew me to the role of Head of In Patient Services with Havens Hospices.  During my first visit. I witnessed first-hand the compassion with which patients were cared which inspired me to apply. After getting the job, a year later I was promoted to the Director of Care and Executive Nurse for the Hospices, which delivers all age palliative care services.

My personal drive is the pursuit of excellence and the best patient experience - compassionate and patient-focused care, delivered by caring, competent and courageous staff.  My focus is quality of the patient journey, with a high focus for detail and strong governance. 

I am delighted and extremely proud to be leading a team responsible for the delivery of excellent care to our patients and families at one of the most significant and touching times of their lives. A time when often we have only one chance to get it right.

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