Ruth holding her guitar at sensory storytime

Online Music Therapy

Here you can book to take part in upcoming Online Music Therapy sessions with Ruth.

Online Music Therapy

In Online Music Therapy, Music Therapists interact with the children or young people through a video conferencing app. We use an app called Zoom because it is easy to set up, works well for music and video and is much safer to use - for more information please download our Online Music Therapy guide.

At Little Havens, we want to offer support through our Music Therapist to as many families, including our J's families, as possible during this time.  Therefore, we are offering group sessions, using our familiar ‘Sensory Story’ structure, as well as play-n-sing-along and relaxation sessions. Please  complete the form below to let us know what sessions you would like to take part in. 

Child hitting drums on floor

The organisation 'Music In Hospitals and Care' organise a number of virtual live events for a wide audience including a lullaby hour concert on Wednesday evenings at 6pm. This session is for pre-schoolers and babies that offers soothing lullabies to help them drift off to sleep. You can find out more about the sessions here.

If you have attended any of our Online Music Therapy sessions you can provide your feedback by 

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