Little Havens pool

Hydrotherapy pool at Little Havens

Important Update - May 2022

The Hydrotherapy Pool continues to provide us with challenges, which means it’s difficult to open the pool for any sustained length of time. We have experienced a range of issues from parts failing, water readings being out of range for safe use, to delayed delivery of replacement parts. We often fix one problem, only to be faced with a new problem.

We know closing the Hydrotherapy Pool leaves families disappointed. Unfortunately, we have taken the difficult decision for the Hydrotherapy Pool to be decommissioned, which means this facility will not be available for the medium term. This decision has been made as we are planning to upgrade the Hydrotherapy Pool’s existing operating system. This means once this project has been completed, we will be able to reopen our Hydrotherapy Pool, with a new modern, updated filtering system. We have only just come to this decision and the project is in very early stages which means we can’t share any further information at this time but we will keep you updated in the newsletter.

In the Hydrotherapy Pool we are able to offer you a slot of two hours, giving you a maximum of half an hour in the water, with adequate changing time.  This will also ensure we can clean in between each family. Up to seven members of your household or family can attend the session. 

Please ensure you bring your own face coverings, towels, toiletries, pool toys and any mobility aid e.g. slings.  

Before booking your sessions please ensure to read the ‘Hydrotherapy Family Information Guide’ here.

Members of our team have been trained in pool safety and our policy has changed. The designated pool safety person must always remain in the pool environment whenever a child or young person is in the water. This person can be on the pool side or in the changing room if there is a second adult and your family require privacy. Please ensure you have adequate supervision within your family during these sessions.

Little Havens pool

Please be aware that in the event of an emergency admission, we may need to cancel your appointment and rebook when possible.

Upon arrival you will be required to complete a brief individual risk assessment, to ensure your safety.

The hydrotherapy pool is open Monday to Friday 9:30-11:30, 1:30-3:30 and 4-6pm, and Saturday and Sunday 10:30-12:30 and 2:30-4:30. Please use the form below to register your interest for up to three sessions. Once you have selected the date you would like to attend a member of the Care Team will contact you to confirm your slot. You are also very welcome to call us anytime to check availability for the pool on the same day, a member of the Care Team will be able to check availability and advise accordingly.