Baby laying on their front hands rubbing back

Baby & Child Massage (Under 7's)

Infant Massage

We are excited to be offering our Little Havens families the opportunity to take part in a baby and child massage workshop held at Little Havens.

This course is designed for children up to the age of 7 years old and will run weekly over a course of five weeks at Little Havens. The sessions are 75 minutes long and will be led by one of our Care Team members - who is a trained Baby Massage Instructor and has many years experience working within the hospice.

During the course you will learn a comprehensive infant massage routine which is designed to relax you and your child in a safe peaceful environment. The routine involves both Indian and Swedish massage techniques, reflexology and yoga principles. We will also cover colic alleviation as well as settling techniques.

We understand that all children are individuals therefore we offer a holistic approach within a group setting to meet other families under the Little Havens service.

This is the perfect opportunity to spend some one to one time with your child, enhancing your bond and building your confidence with gentle settling routines. 

Hear from Emma, mum to Mason, how infant massage at Little Havens is more accessible that a group in the community and allowed her to meet other families in similar situations. Read more here. 

If you would like to attend this course please complete the form below to register your interest. Someone from Little Havens will then contact you to confirm your space. The maximum number of families for this course is four families (one adult and one child each), which gives you a great opportunity to meet other families under the Little Havens service.

Once you are booked to attend the course you will receive a phone call to discuss individual needs of your family, to help create your own special massage routine.

Baby/Child Massage Feedback - Before Course

Baby/Child Massage Feedback - After Course