visitors information


  • When you arrive for admission or when relatives are visiting between the hours of 8.30am-5pm Monday-Friday, please use the main reception area located through the small staff car park at the rear of the Hospice in Second Avenue.
    For security and fire regulation purposes we request that all visitors sign in on arrival and out on departure at the Reception desk.
  • Between 5pm - 8.30am, and at weekends, please call at the front of the house, on Chalkwell Avenue where you will be met by one of the Nursing Team who will ask you to sign the visitors book located in the hall.
  • On arrival, reception staff will confirm with the Nursing Team if it is convenient for your visitors to see you. Children are welcome and are encouraged to visit. **Please be aware there is a deep pond in the nearby garden and visitors are responsible for the supervision of children at all times.**
  • Patients’ dogs, cats and other animals are welcome to visit but please discuss this with the Nursing Team first.
  • Daily newspapers can be ordered by our reception staff on request.

car parking

Visitors’ parking is at the front of the hospice off Chalkwell Avenue. CCTV cameras are in place.

Please ensure that your car is locked and is parked properly as the hospice cannot accept any responsibility for theft or damage to your vehicle whilst it is parked on hospice property.

There is parking in the surrounding streets but please observe parking restrictions as the wardens are very vigilant. Paid meter parking is available along the Seafront.

infection control

In accordance with our Infection Control Guidelines, all visitors are required to use hand-gels placed outside our patient rooms prior to entering and leaving the unit.

food and drink

Tea and coffee making facilities are available for patients and visitors, and our Nursing Team will show you where these are located.

Meals can be provided for the patient's main carer only.  

There is an extensive menu available from our in house kitchen and we can cater for all dietary requirements.

overnight stay

In some circumstances you may wish a relative/carer to stay overnight. Our Nursing Team will make them as comfortable as possible at your bedside.

The Hospice may be able to provide your guest with a portable bed or the use of a sofa bed in the upstairs lounge.

If a relative/carer has stayed overnight, we will offer them toast and/or cereal the following morning.

Your visitors can use the ground floor or first floor lounge when our Nursing Teams are attending to your needs.

The Chapel is also available for quiet times, meditation and prayers.

what shall I bring?


Patients who are well enough are encouraged to dress during the day, so please bring comfortable day clothes and footwear as well as nightwear and slippers. It is helpful if they are marked with your name.

We would ask that your carer continues to launder your clothing, which will be placed in a laundry bag beside your bed.

Bed linen and towels are provided and changed regularly.


Please bring with you any toiletries you normally use.

personal items

Please do bring in any small personal items such as photographs and pictures which will help make your room feel more homely. Visitors are welcome to bring in flowers for you.

walking aids

Please bring in any walking aids you are currently using, as these will have been adapted to suit your needs. Our aim is to maintain your standard of mobility.

cash and valuables

Although you are encouraged to bring in small personal items, it is advised that money and valuables remain at home.

The hospice cannot accept any liability for loss or damage to your personal items. You will be asked to sign a form detailing the property you have brought in with you.

Please do not bring in electrical items as these are legally required to be tested before use. Televisions with Freeview and DVD players are available in all rooms.


The nursing team will advise which medications and wound dressings you will need to bring in with you.

It is possible that some of the medication will be sent home with your relative/carer once our doctor has made their assessment.

telephone enquiries

We are happy to take telephone calls. If you wish to contact a member of our Nursing Team please call 01702 220350.

A cordless telephone can be taken to a patient’s bedside and this number is 01702 435084.


As from 1st August 2008, Fair Havens Hospice is a No Smoking Zone. This includes all patient accommodation and communal areas.

There is a designated smoking area in the garden. Please speak to the Nursing Team if you wish to smoke and require help to access the outside area.


The Chapel is available for private prayer, or as a quiet place of reflection for people of any faith or no faith. A Chaplain may be available to sit with you, if you so wish, or if you prefer we can call your own Parish Priest, Rabbi, Chaplain, Imam or other faith leader to visit you.


Contact us today on 01702 220350 or email us