Trevor in the Fair Havens graden, watering the plants.

Trevor’s Story

15 months ago, Trevor was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and told he only had 4-14 months to live. But despite this, Trevor still works as a Bridge Keeper on Potton Island. 

 He said, “I’ve been coming to Fair Havens for the last few months after my community care nurse mentioned it would be good for me. 

“I came for a visit with my wife and liked the look of it – everyone was so friendly. I’d already said I didn’t want to die in hospital, and after looking around Fair Havens, it’s made me feel quite comfortable about coming here – I’m glad I came. 

“I like seeing everyone each week and enjoy the comradeship between all the men and women. Though we all have our problems, everyone has a smile on their face. There are times when we have dark thoughts or get upset, but we’re all there for each other. 

“The staff are really lovely and very friendly. Everyone knows your name and always says hello and stops to have a chat. 

“I’ve also been having physiotherapy at the Hub, which I enjoy as I try to keep as fit as possible. No one expected me to still be around and doing the stuff I am doing. I can even stand on my head still, which my grandchildren love – I’m always doing something to try and make them laugh. 

“Coming to the Fair Havens Hub gives me something else to think about.” 

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Published in 2024

Coming to the Fair Havens Hub gives me something else to think about.