Chelmsford Marathon Runners

Safety guidelines

The race is run primarily along quiet country lanes. Participants must be aware that vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians share the route. The course will be inspected for hazards prior to the race but runners are asked to exercise the usual caution when running.

All competitors are advised to ensure they are fit to take part, to wear appropriate running footwear and to ensure they are sufficiently hydrated. Before attempting to race, runners are asked to make sure you are 100% fit to do so. If unsure whether or not fit enough to take part in a race, runners  can refer to the information available on the Runners Medical Resource website We ask runners who believe they are not fit enough to race, please think about the possible serious effects of doing so. Runners who feel unwell at any time during the race, should stop running immediately and summon assistance.

All runners are advised to ensure they have warmed up prior to the race to prevent injury.


A polite reminder that the wearing of headphones, or similar devices, is not permitted at this event given that it is run under UK Athletics Rules of Competion (RULE 240 S5).

Conditions of entry

By entering the 2020 Chelmsford Marathon runners are declaring themselves medically fit to take part and understand that the organisers, sponsors or any assisting person or persons will be in no way responsible for any injury, illness, loss or damage to their person or property incurred during or as a result of the event or for any damage caused by them to other person’s property. If runners are unsure of their health and fitness levels we recommend that they consult a doctor before signing up. In line with UK Athletics rules all participants must be 18 years of age on the day of the event.

The organisers reserve the right to refuse entry for any reason.

CANCELLATION: Should the event need to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, such as adverse weather conditions, we ask runners to consider their entry fee as a donation to the charity.

ENTRY FEES: Entry fees cannot be refunded if unable to attend the event for any reason.

DEFERRING YOUR PLACE: If runners are unable to run due to injury we will be happy to defer their place for 1 year.

TRANSFERS: Should runners wish to transfer their place to another runner this will only be considered prior to 1st September 2020.

PICTURES: Runners understand that pictures/filming taken during the event may be used by Havens Hospices to promote the work the charity does in the future. If runners would not like their pictures to be used please email

MEDICAL: Although the organisers accept no responsibility for any injuries, a medical team will be in attendance. Marshals will summon medical assistance on the route if required.

CONTACTING YOU: By supplying an email address, runners consent to us giving information regarding this event only. It is important that they download and read all relevant event information sent via email.