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Refer an adult to Fair Havens

Fair Havens is the only place in the area wholly dedicated to caring for those with complex or incurable conditions

Who can be cared for at Fair Havens?

If a hospital diagnosis has been given which means a person’s life will be limited or threatened by illness, then Fair Havens may be able to help through its various care services. These include Fair Havens Hub and Fair Havens Community Team.

How can I refer myself/ someone I’m caring for to Fair Havens? 

Although a referral can be made direct to the hospice by a patient or carer, we do recommend that a professional involved in the patient’s care make the initial contact. This way Fair Havens has all the medical information needed to consider the referral.

Anyone making a referral must have the consent of the patient.

Please ask your GP or a healthcare professional to call 01702 220 350 for further information and support to make a referral.

Criteria for referral

Fair Havens will accept patients in line with the following criteria:

  • Over the age of 18 years
  • Have a complex or incurable condition and require support to manage their symptoms or wish to be admitted for end of life or respite care
  • Registered with a GP in the Southend, Castle Point and Rochford area, or if their usual place of residence is within this area even if they are not registered with a GP (e.g. people without housing or travelling communities)

Patients between the ages of 16-19 may be considered for admission if they are in the process of transitioning from children’s services to adult services and are already known to Little Havens or other adult palliative care services.

What care can Fair Havens offer?

Our Fair Havens Community Team can offer care within a patient’s own home, telephone support or regular visits to our Fair Havens Hub.

They can be contacted directly on 01702 220 350 and choose Option One. Telephone referrals are accepted for this type of care.