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spiritual care

The care we offer is holistic, which means that we try to care for the whole person. As we discuss the family's care needs, we include spiritual, psychological, emotional, physical and social elements in their care.

Spirituality is personal to each of us and is what gives meaning to our lives. It may be peace and solitude; through music, or in having a relationship with God.

Whether or not you have a religious faith, each of us has spiritual needs.

We would like to respond to the uniqueness of each of our families, accepting their hopes, doubts, beliefs and values as they arise.

Knowing a little about what enriches your life would help us in the care of your family.

Part of the uniqueness of each family, is that family members may be at different stages of their spiritual journey. There may be a different level of understanding, emotional need and expectations.

Children who have special individual ways of communicating, may have the same doubts and fears that they wish to convey. This can be more difficult with children who are non-verbal. It may be helpful to involve family, friends or those who know the child well, to give the child an opportunity to communicate these issues.

Members of the Little Havens Care Team can offer support, guidance, space and time to the whole family, or you may prefer to speak to our Chaplain on 01702 220349 or Family Support Team.

Contact us today on 01702 220350 or email us