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post bereavement care

At Little Havens Hospice, supporting and caring for a family doesn’t stop once a child has died.

Whether a child dies here at the hospice, in hospital or in the community they and their family may be able to use The Woodland Suite, our dedicated bereavement rooms, in the days or weeks leading up to the funeral.

what happens now?

We’re able to guide you and your family through the initial days and weeks after a child has died. 

We can liaise with other professionals such as a funeral director, GP and registrar to support the process of planning a funeral.

We’re also here to provide practical support such as home cooked meals and use of the hospice facilities.

“We’re able to guide you and your family through”

can we use the woodland suite?

The Woodland Suite consists of a bedroom and a private adjoining sitting room. The bedroom looks much like any other bedroom with a single bed. The one difference is that there’s a cooling pad on which a child can rest for up to seven days. 

Should you wish, the bedroom can be personalised for your child with posters, flowers, and their own personal belongings. 

The private sitting room and garden means families can receive guests, spend time together or alone and use the space as required.

If the Woodland Suite is not available, we may be able to accommodate a child in one of our bedrooms, however, this is subject to availability which the Care Team can advise upon. 

how do we plan a funeral?

We understand that this may be the first funeral many families have had to plan. Our Care Team can advise families about the practicalities of planning a funeral, on service content and other elements if this is required. 

We’ll also be happy to liaise with a funeral director to assist in the planning where appropriate. 

who else can stay with us?

The whole of your immediate family is welcome to stay with you at the hospice, and whilst visitors are most welcome, we’re unable to accommodate extended family or friends. However, they can visit freely. 

At any time you can contact our Family Support Worker on 01702 220350.

Contact us today on 01702 220350 or email us