Can you help us make Christmas extra special for our patients?


Christmas is an important time for many people, and it becomes even more poignant for our patients and their families, because they know it’s the last Christmas they will share together.

Janet, a nurse at Fair Havens, will be working Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. She said, “I remember one man who arrived with us from hospital at Christmas time, and he was very poorly. His family realised he probably wouldn’t make Christmas Day. Because he had a young son, they asked, “Would it be possible to bring Christmas forward for us, As always, our cooks pulled out all the stops to make that happen for him and his family, and we decorated his room so it would be Christmas for them all.

"Sharing it together was everything to them, and especially for his little boy – because that will be a memory he will have for the rest of his life, and it was a good one.”

This year, it will cost £20 to provide a special Christmas dinner for a patient and their family. Could you donate that today, so one of our families can share the experience together one last time?

Chef from Fair Havens wearing a santa hat and passing dinner