Bereavement and Loss 2022

About the course

When: Where: Little Havens Seminar Rooms Cost: £350

Bereavement: The Last Taboo

This is a highly experiential course in a safe and supportive environment. We take an in-depth look at the experience of bereavement and loss and how we might respond and care for the bereaved in different ways.

Over the five days, the course aims to look at:

  • Self-awareness and loss
  • Theories of bereavement and loss
  • Listening and responding to loss
  • Grief and the extended family
  • Anticipatory Grief

Due to the structure of the course, you must commit to attend all five days. Care: This course is not suitable for anyone who has been bereaved less than a year.

Day 1 Wednesday 28th September 2022
Day 2 Friday 21st October 2022
Day 3 Friday 18th November 2022
Day 4 Wednesday 30th November 2022
Day 5 Friday 9th December 2022


This course is for professionals who support bereaved people/families within their field.

To book a place please complete complete the form online here or alternatively, download the accompanying application form and return it to the Learning and Development Department based at Little Havens, Daws Heath Road, Thundersley, SS7 2LH or email the Learning and Development team.