George’s story

13 year-old George from Billericay has been visiting Little Havens for respite since 2019.

Throughout the Coronavirus pandemic he was shielding at home with his family and during this time the family home was undergoing major renovations to make the house accessible for George’s wheelchair.

In May 2021, as lockdown restrictions eased, George had his first respite break at Little Havens since the start of the pandemic.

Mum Kerry said, “Lockdown has been a particularly difficult time for us. After months of shielding, George’s condition further declined and lost his ability to walk in the summer – earlier than expected.

“Our house is being adapted to provide a downstairs bedroom and wet room for George, and because of the pandemic this has had lots of delays over the last 14 months. So we’ve been living in confined areas of our home with no garden, making lockdown tough.

“Having to carry a 13 year old upstairs daily has been a huge strain, and it has taken its toll on our own health as well as George’s wellbeing, dignity and independence.

“As we couldn’t move out of our home during the renovations, the respite at Little Havens was so needed by all of us. As parents it gave us a few days break from lifting George, and the day to day caring responsibilities. It was also an opportunity to spend quality time with our youngest son while George was being cared for.

“George was absolutely over the moon to be back for a respite break too.”

At Little Havens George enjoyed water fights in the garden with the Care Team and racing cars around the car park. He and the other children staying for respite also enjoyed making their own pizzas for dinner and hosting a pretend camping trip in the lounge.

George added,  “I had the best time ever! It was so much fun and I made great new friends. I can’t wait until I can stay again. When can I come again?!”

Kerry continued, “In fact, George didn’t want to come home. Little Havens has become our lifeline. There are so many positives about coming for some respite and afterwards we all feel recharged, our spirits are lifted and we are ready to tackle the next challenge.

“Little Havens, and the Care Team, are truly amazing and we are very grateful and lucky to have this facility.”

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Published in 2021

I had the best time ever! It was so much fun and I made great new friends. I can’t wait until I can stay again. When can I come again?!