Archie’s story

A family who made a donation to Little Havens in memory of their loving Parents and Grandparents, say they know how much the generous gift will mean to those who use the hospice. 

Rosina Eastwick died last year, aged 84. Having spent her life in Essex both raising her family and working, more recently in Gades, a local wool shop.  Her husband Geoff, a career electrician with Ford died 7 years ago, aged 83. 

The couple had a long-standing relationship with Havens Hospices and have always been supportive of the charity. They knew the original founder of Fair Havens, Daphne Hall through their church, Eastwood Baptist. When Little Havens was in the initial phases of development they became more engaged through another church connection, who went on to become the hospice’s Head of Care. However, they never realised the true personal significance Little Havens would have until their grandson, Archie Turner, started using the hospice.  

Now 18, Archie began visiting Little Havens around the age of 1 shortly after he was diagnosed with a type of Muscular Dystrophy. Rosina and Geoff, or Nan and Grandpa as Archie called them, would often visit him during his stays at the hospice in Thundersley. Their daughter Rachel, Archie’s Mum says, “Mum was very proud of her connections to Havens Hospices. When she worked in the local wool shop, she’d encourage people to put their loose change into a Little Havens collection pot at the till.” 

After Rosina’s passing her children Graham, Ruthie, David and Rachel finalised their parents estate and enacted their wishes. “The gifts to both Eastwood Baptist Church and Little Havens reflect the significant part each played in their lives and our family story”, said Graham. “We hope the donation of £28,000 in our parent’s memory will help Little Havens with all the wonderful work they do.” 

Archie continues to receive support from Havens Hospices, mainly in the home through the Children and Young People’s Community Team.

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Published in 2021

We hope the donation of £28,000 in our parent’s memory will help Little Havens with all the wonderful work they do.