Art at Havens Hospices

Art and creativity are intrinsically linked with the ethos of hospice care.

Engaging with a therapeutic and rewarding activity can bring meaning to someone's life during often difficult and traumatic times. Creativity can be a form of communication when someone doesn't have the words. Art can act as a legacy to someone's life and all that they achieved.

Art at Havens Hospices it is not limited to those cared for by us. As a local charity, engaging with our local communities through creative projects is integral to helping break down barriers and myths surrounding hospices.

From glasswork, sculpture, painting and poetry, we are proud to host a number of art projects across both Fair Havens and Little Havens. You can learn more about them here.

Stained Glass Window

Hares About Town - Their Forever Homes

Herd In The City - 2023 Art Trail