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Bereavement Project

A project to support people living in Castle Point and Rochford needing help with their personal bereavement is being supported by Havens Hospices.

The support is open to people of all ages who have experienced a personal bereavement (no earlier than six weeks after their loved one has died) and need support with their grief.

Following an assessment to ensure that counselling is appropriate, the support may take the form of individual or group sessions, in-person or online.

For children and young people, the support may take the form of creative interventions and play.

The focused sessions will enable individuals to explore their feelings and thoughts in a safe and comfortable environment. Through this support, feelings of isolation and loneliness can be lessened, and resilience increased.

Referrals for bereavement support for under 18-year-olds can be made by the parent or guardian, a healthcare professional, or by the child if competent to do so. Under 18’s would also need to be aware of, and consent to the referral, if made by a parent or guardian. Our team will always discuss with the child / young person whether they want to attend.

For those over 18, referrals can be made by the individual, or with their consent, a family member or healthcare professional.

Referrals can be made by :


Submitting our Wellbeing Referral Form

Calling 01702 220321

This is a joint project till 31st March 2023 with our counterparts at St Luke’s Hospice Basildon and Saint Francis Hospice, funded by Essex County Council.