volunteering faqs

are there any age restrictions to be a volunteer?

We take volunteers from aged 13 within our Charity Shops. Within our Hospices we have our Young Ambassador Project for people aged 16 – 18 to volunteer in a variety of roles.

Havens Hospices does not have an upper age limit.

do I need to have any qualifications or experience?

For certain roles, we do require certain qualifications and experience, this information is included with the role description.

what checks will be carried out if I apply to volunteer?

As a charity we have a duty of care to ensure our patients, families, staff and volunteers are safeguarded, we therefore have a robust recruitment process in place. We undertake references for volunteers and for certain roles, undertake a DBS (police check). Volunteering with us is subject to satisfactory recruitment checks, having a criminal record is not necessarily a bar to volunteering with us, it is assessed on an individual basis.

Volunteers will also be asked to complete some additional paperwork including a Volunteer Agreement that includes information about Confidentiality.

what support is provided to volunteers?

Our volunteers are provided with a named Volunteer Coordinator/Shop Manager who will be their main point of communication and on-going support. A local induction is provided to prepare and equip volunteers in their role, as well as ongoing support and training relevant to the volunteer role. For volunteers within care, facilities and administration, they are required to attend an induction session and complete some mandatory training.

what time commitment will I be expected to give?

Each volunteer role has a role description in place, which details what the time commitment is. Some roles require a set time commitment and other roles are more flexible. If you are unable to give a set commitment, perhaps Occasional Volunteering may be for you.

i have experienced a recent bereavement, am I still able to volunteer?

Due to the sensitive work we carry out at Havens Hospices and our duty of care to our patients and volunteers, we do have a policy around people expressing an interest in volunteering if they have experienced a recent bereavement. This is looked at and assessed on an individual basis and something that would be discussed at the informal interview.

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