Sherry Eaglestone

Sherry Eaglestone has been working in care 1998 for over 25 years and is the Head of Community & Engagement at Havens Hospices.  

Initially wanting to be a police officer, Sherry studied law and psychology at college. However, after having her first child, she discovered that care better suited her lifestyle. Through this, she found her passion for providing end of life care after previously working for the charity in the Community Team before taking a break to develop her skills. 

She says, “My dream was always to become a nurse in a hospice. Roles were always hard to come by, so I applied for the job as soon as an opportunity arose. 

“Being there for someone at the end of their life is one of the greatest gifts you can have. 

“Working in a hospice allowed me to be the nurse I wanted to be. We have the time to put the patient first in everything we do and have the beauty of having the facilities and services to allow this to happen. 

Over the years, Sherry developed a range of skills and valuable experience in many care areas, including elderly care, caring for adults with learning disabilities, district nursing, working in a hospital in Gibraltar, and palliative care.  

In 2021, Sherry returned to the charity to lead the Fair Havens Community Team before being promoted to the Head of Community & Engagement. 

Speaking about her new role, Sherry says, “My priorities will always be to the people within our community that we serve, and I will continuously look at this to develop the right service at the right time for those people. I am excited to start working with other services within our community to deliver the best possible care and resources to everyone, no matter who they are.”