Mark Davies

Mark Davies is the Head of Trading for Havens Hospices and has over 34 years of experience leading retail teams across a range of businesses. 

He spent most of his career as a regional manager at Debenhams. Following the shops’ liquidation, he was regional manager at Poundland and was accountable for 125 shops before joining the charity. 

Mark decided to change his area of work to make money for a reason that aligned with his personal values and would benefit the local community.  

He says, “My move is all about doing something good for the local community as opposed to looking after shareholders. It’s about supporting, guiding, coaching our teams and sharing experiences that can drive income for the greater good of the organisation.” 

“Havens Hospices values sit alongside my own. It’s fantastic that we reach the local community for both adults and children, which I feel is really important. We have established roots where I live, and people have so much admiration for the charity; it has embarked on exciting and new ideas like the art trails, which gets communities talking.” 

Mark says he will prioritise visits to all of the charity’s shops and get to understand who our customers are and what they want. He will also review our sales, operations, and service to identify opportunities. He will keep things simple by engaging with the teams, sharing ideas, and working collaboratively with other parts of the organisation to drive additional income. 

“I’m looking forward to understanding how the organisation works tirelessly to deliver the care for the community. The people I have met are so passionate about everything they do, so what more can we be doing together?”