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Weekly draw

The Havens Hospices Weekly Draw is a fun, easy and unique way of having the opportunity of winning some money and supporting Havens Hospices at the same time.

How it works

Each entry costs £1 per week

You will be allocated a unique six digit draw number that is entered into the draw each Friday

24 lucky winners are selected at random by our Weekly Draw computer

All winners cheques are sent by post but you can check the draw results each week here on our website

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Latest Results

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17/01/2020 Draw number 853

1st Prize
£1000 - 147585 Brentwood

2nd Rollover Prize- £3200- 480706 No winner
3rd Prize- £75- 118445 Rochford
4th Prize- £25- 400201 Benfleet
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10/01/2020 Draw number 852

1st Prize
£1000 - 078718 Southend-on-sea

2nd Rollover Prize- £3000- 720586 No winner
3rd Prize- £75- 020818 South Benfleet
4th Prize- £25- 860354 Rochford
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03/01/2020 Draw number 851

1st Prize
£1000 - 445984 Chelmsford

2nd Rollover Prize- £2800- 411039 No winner
3rd Prize- £75- 867161 Hockley
4th Prize- £25- 888203 Brentwood
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27/12/2019 Draw number 850

1st Prize
£1000 - 170931 Wickford

2nd Rollover Prize- £2600- 467090 No winner
3rd Prize- £75- 452494 Colchester
4th Prize- £25- 027945 Hockley
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20/12/2019 Draw number 849

1st Prize
£1000 - 045486 Hockley

2nd Rollover Prize- £2400- 009493 No Winner
3rd Prize- £75- 773370 Southend on Sea
4th Prize- £25- 151408 Rayleigh
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13/12/2019 Draw number 848

1st Prize
£1000 - 923642 Leigh-On-Sea

2nd Rollover Prize- £2200- 294657 No winner
3rd Prize- £75- 204966 Rayleigh
4th Prize- £25- 169405 Southend on Sea
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Meet our Weekly Draw canvassers

Our Weekly Draw Canvassing Team is working around Essex on both a door to door basis and attending events and venues. They have official photographic ID on them at all times and this will be shown to you at the start of their conversation.

If you have any queries about the Canvassing Team, please contact our office on 03700 585 919 (Monday – Friday, 9am-5pm). Please leave an answerphone message outside these times.

You can also email if you have any additional queries relating to the Weekly Draw.


What would you do with your prize? Go on holiday? DIY? Purchase a new wardrobe? You have to be in it to win it!

£1,000 to be won each week

A weekly rollover of up to £10,000

Terms and Conditions

Havens Hospices is licensed by the Gambling Commission and are a member of the Hospice Lotteries Association. We are committed to using the Weekly Draw to fundraise responsibly and work together to encourage responsible gambling and access to support if needed.

Our Weekly Draw terms and conditions can be found here.