People trekking the Sahara

Morocco – Sahara Trek 2025

Trek the Moroccan desert and gain an insight into the vast diverse landscape as well as discovering the Berber way of life.

About the event

When: Where: Morocco Cost: Registration: £350

6th November 2025 – 11th November 2025

Join fundraisers from Havens Hospices as they trek in the Moroccan desert, gaining an insight into this vast and diverse landscape as well as discovering the Berber way of life. You will spend two full days and two half days trekking across ancient dried-up river beds, sand dunes and vast sun-baked plains.

Camping each during the Sahara trek night gives you a chance to experience the stunning stars in the night sky (weather permitting) and the traditional Berber cuisine cooked by the team is second to none.

You will then spend two days helping a community project in Marrakech which supports vulnerable young people with education and vocational training after they have been orphaned, abused or rejected by their family.

The organisation also supports elderly people whose families have abandoned them by creating a comfortable social environment for them to spend their golden years.

Your tasks will vary depending on the need at the time but you’re likely to get involved with refurbishment, redecorating and gardening which will make an instant impact at this incredible centre.

This is an open challenge and you will be joined by fellow travellers who may be supporting other charities.

Payment options:

Fundraise for Charity
Pay a registration fee of £350, then fundraise £1,600.

Self-Funded (Pay Your Own Costs)
Pay a registration fee of £350, then a final payment of £800 no less than 10 weeks before departure.

Flexi – Pay Your Trip Costs & Fundraise
Pay a registration fee of £350, pay trip costs of £800 at least 12 weeks before departure, AND raise sponsorship of £800.

This challenge is managed by our tour company partner, Different Travel. You will be transferred to their website to complete your booking. If you have any questions or need further support, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Susie by emailing