major gifts

Whether you’re a trust, grant-making foundation or individual, by making a donation to Havens Hospices you’ll be helping to continue ‘Making every day count’ for our patients, children and their families.

tax effective giving

gift aid

Gift aid is one of the simplest and most effective ways of giving to charity. Using Gift Aid means that for every pound you give the charity, it will currently receive an extra 28p from the Inland Revenue. This means that a £10 Gift Aid donation, is worth £12.80 to the charity – and it doesn’t cost you a thing.

It can apply to donations of any amount, large or small, cash, cheque, postal order, direct debit, standing orders, debit or credit card or even in a foreign currency.

A single Gift Aid declaration can apply to all past donations that have been made (since April 2003.  1st April 2010 it will cover donations made in the last 4 years) and to all future donations that are made.

On top of this, higher rate taxpayers can reclaim as much as £23 for themselves from the taxman for every £100 donated to the charity, by including details of their Gift Aid donations on their Self Assessment form.

share giving

As well as donating gifts of money, individuals can also help charities by gifting shares.  This can provide a significant source of income to the charity and can also be a tax effective way for the donor to give.

The charity cannot give financial advice.  Any specific advice must be given by a financial advisor. 

what shares can be donated

All shares that are transferrable can be donated, but only publicly quoted shares qualify for tax relief.  Examples of publicly quoted shares include shares listed on the London Stock Exchange or Alternative Investment Market Shares (AIM).   A full list of qualifying stock exchanges can be found at

By giving shares the donor has the potential to claim income tax relief on the value of all the shares at the rate of tax paid by the donor. 

capital gains tax relief

Charitable gifts of shares are not liable to capital gains tax, which is applicable if shares that have appreciated in value are sold. Capital gains tax relief is simply the absence of the need to pay tax on the part of the charity or the donor.

inheritance tax relief

Inheritance tax is not charged on gifts to charity.

stamp duty relief

stamp duty is not payable when shares are donated to charity. 

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