Volunteers digging in the garden at Little Havens Hospice

how your company can help havens hospices

We must raise more than £100,000 each week to continue our specialist care but we need your help. Partnerships with our corporate supporters are invaluable for the charity, but also for the company and their employees.

getting down to business

  • Choose Havens Hospices as your Charity of the Year and we’ll be beside you all the way. Reap the rewards of supporting a local charity and you’ll gain a real and tangible insight into the care we provide to families who are living with serious illness.
  • If you’re looking for team building days, meeting company-wide CSR aims and engaging and motivating staff, our Corporate Volunteering days give staff the benefit of making a positive and active contribution to the charity. Groups are able to take part in gardening, maintenance and DIY at the hospices, helping to maintain a lovely environment for those we care for. There are also opportunities for individuals to help out at our events throughout the year.
Corporate Volunteers painting garden furniture at Little Havens Hospice
Corporate Volunteers painting garden furniture at Little Havens Hospice
  • Our programme of Events specifically targeted to the corporate world is growing. Enter a team of colleagues to take part in anything and everything from a City Quiz and Mud Run to a Business Bake Off!

Employees from the RBS London taking part in Skydiving
Employees from LME taking part in our skydive

For more information on how your company can help Havens Hospices call our Corporate Team on 01702 220317 or email them here

We’re all in it together…

"The Corporate Volunteering Days offered at Havens Hospices have proven to be an excellent opportunity for some team building and for the bank to try and make a real difference in its local community." Graham Sirdifield, Lloyds Banking

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