A little girl with her mum playing with bubbles in Little Havens garden


Do you have shares which are uneconomical to sell? Why not help us continue 'Making every day count' and donate them to ShareGift?

About ShareGift

ShareGift is an independent UK registered charity that accepts small shareholdings that are uneconomical to sell. Once they have enough to sell, they then donate the resulting proceeds to a wide range of charities.

To date, ShareGift has donated over £46 million to more than 3,500 charities. 

How to donate

ShareGift makes its grants based on research and suggestions from donors. You can help support us by donating any size of shareholding you may have to ShareGift, and mentioning that you support Havens Hospices.

Donate Shares

How donating your shares makes a difference

Every donation we receive helps us continue ‘Making every day count’ for families like Alyssa’s.

At just five days old, Alyssa had a seizure, which affected her neurological development and resulted in severe developmental delays. Three years ago, the family discovered it was due to a very unusual gene change, where one of her genes didn't form properly, causing a rare form of epilepsy.

Alyssa and her family have been supported by Little Havens for respite for 10 years.

Alyssa’s mum, Lynette, said “Little Havens helps to keep us sane because we have got that place we can turn to when we need a bit of a break.”

Alyssa with her family smiling.