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“I really enjoy being a nurse at Fair Havens because it allows me to care for people the way they deserve to be cared for; with kindness and compassion.”

Louise, Fair Havens Nurse

Louise, Fair Havens Ward Sister
Louise Advanced Nurse Practioner at Fair Havens

“At times it can be quite sad, it can be quite demanding, we do care for people with life-limiting illness and therefore we’re dealing with a lot of complex symptoms and a lot of complex emotions. But it is also very rewarding and I know that when I go home at the end of the day I’ve done the best for my patients and I’ve given them everything I can.”

Louise, Advanced Nurse Practitioner at Fair Havens Hospice

“The minute I walked through the door at Fair Havens I knew I wanted to work here. You get to meet lots of different people and work with families and patients, supporting them and being there for them during a really difficult time in their lives. It is the best job in the world.”

Alex, Fair Havens Nursing Assistant

Alex Fair Havens Nursing Assistant
Carol staff nurse at Fair Havens

"Coming to work at Fair Havens Hospice was the best decision I have made since deciding to be a nurse. Working here has given me time. Time for me is being able to sit with someone hold their hand and really listen to what they are saying."

Carol, Fair Havens Staff Nurse

“I can vividly recall my first day, the staff were so supportive and friendly I knew right away that I had made the right decision. Working at Fair Havens means I am able to deliver excellent patient care and have the opportunity to care for patients and their families when they need it the most”

Janet, Fair Havens Deputy Sister 

Janet Deputy sister at fair havens
Yvette staff nurse at Fair Havens

“Families will remember their time at Fair Havens for the rest of their lives - we have one chance to get it right
 – and I feel as a team, we do get it right a lot of the time!”

Yvette, Fair Havens Staff Nurse

"I have only worked for Hospice at Home for a short time, but I love my job. It’s a fantastic team that I am proud to be part of. I am glad I am able to make a difference to families at the most difficult of times"

Lisa, Hospice at Home Nursing Assistant

Lisa hospice at home nurse
Lorraine Hospice at Home nursing assitant

“I love my job because of how we leave others feeling after having an experience with us. Our kindness can transform someone’s darkness into light. We make a difference, this is my vocation in life."

Lorraine, Hospice at Home Nursing Assistant

"For me the benefits of working at Little Havens are huge and really varied. I really feel that because we’re quite a small organisation I’m not a number, I’m somebody who matters, whoever I bump into in the corridor knows my name, knows what I do and I feel like I’m part of that wider team.”

Lauren, Deputy Ward Sister at Little Havens

Lauren Deputy ward sister at Little Havens
Jen  Nursery Care Nurse at Little Havens

“Clinical care is so important but at Little Havens we also focus on holistic care – this really taps into each individual need of the child and their families. Not all the children may communicate in a way that others do but it’s amazing to learn their different ways and what works best for them.”

Jen, Nursery Care Nurse at Little Havens  

“Working at The J's Hospice is the only environment where I have been able to offer proper holistic care, giving support to people's health, social, spiritual and psychological wellbeing.

Our young adults may have ‘bucket lists’: they might want to go to the beach or see a particular film before they die. At The J’s Hospice, we really try to facilitate those things, not just in their healthcare but also in the terms of what they’ve achieved as young adults in their shortened lives.”

Caroline, The J’s Clinical Team Leader

Caroline, The J’s Clinical Team Leader
Director of Care Ellie Miller

“I am delighted and extremely proud to be leading a team responsible for the delivery of excellent care to our patients and families at one of the most significant and touching times of their lives. A time when often we have only one chance to get it right."

Ellie Miller, Director of Care

To read the full interview with Ellie click here.


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Little Havens Care Team Nurse Mandy Myers
Working at Little Havens allows me to provide holistic and compassionate care and for me that is the essence of being a nurse. Mandy Little Havens Care Team Nurse

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