respite care

respite care can be provided within your own home and also at our hospice.


Little Havens Hospice helps to provide a home respite service for life-limited children and their families.

Jointly funded by Little Havens and local Primary Care Trusts, EPIC (Essex Palliative Integrated Care) Children's Respite Service works with families of life-limited children to give them a break in their own home.

Qualified Respite Carers work with families to put together a Care Plan that meets the health and social needs of the child.

As with all the care that is provided by Little Havens Hospice, there is no charge to the families.

To find out more information please call 01245 430767 or for out-of-hours queries please call 07768 307651.

little havens respite care

Staying at Little Havens can be a daunting experience for some children, young people and their families, but we’re here to make your first step across the threshold a little bit easier. 

What do we need to do before we arrive?
Before your stay please complete a Drug Record Sheet and have it signed by your GP or lead consultant. This will enable us to give all your child’s regular and emergency medications during their stay.

What will happen on our first stay?
The process to book you in on your first stay can be a lengthy one as together we’ll write a Care Plan for your child, helping to guide the way we care for them during their stays. This process becomes much easier on subsequent visits as we simply review the Care Plan and make any necessary alterations.

Am I able to leave my child at Little Havens?
It’s important that we get to know you, your child and your family. Therefore we politely request that you stay for the duration of your first respite break. Following that, you’re welcome to come and go as you please.

Some parents stay as a family, others pop in and out during the day and some drop off their child and collect them at the end of the break. It’s entirely up to you.

Who else can stay with us?
Any family members who are part of the child’s normal household or any other adult who is staying in place of the parent (s) / carer(s) is welcome to stay.

You’re also welcome to have visitors. Please talk to us about this beforehand as we need to balance this with the needs of other families.

Are meals provided?
All meals at Little Havens are prepared and served from our own kitchen; home-made, delicious, nutritious and free of charge.

We provide cooked meals for resident family members, who are part of the child’s normal household or any other adult who is staying overnight in place of the parent(s) / carer(s).  Parents/main carers and siblings, who are not resident at the hospice, but belong to the child’s normal household, are welcome to visit during mealtimes and enjoy a meal as long as another adult is not staying in their place. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer meals to extended family/friends/other visitors. This is due to practical restrictions rather than financial ones, and so we cannot provide meals in these circumstances even if a donation is offered.

There are also separate facilities in the Family Accommodation for you to prepare and cook your own food, or order a takeaway, should you wish.

Do I have to pay for this care?
No. Our care is completely free of charge. However, as a charity, donations are always welcomed.

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