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visitors information

welcome to little havens hospice

We really hope that you will feel comfortable here and if you find you need anything do please speak to any member of staff – we are all here to help.

The Care Team member who will look after the child or teenager on each shift will make themselves known to you.  Please discuss any issues with them, your key worker team or with senior nurses.

Our shift changes are at 07:30, 13:45 and 20:00, when we meet for about half an hour in the Care Team base to discuss each child’s care. We will aim to provide a bedside handover whenever appropriate to include the child and family into these discussions.

Your room is your private space and we will not disturb you there, except in an emergency.  As you will appreciate only family members who live within the child’s household, have parental responsibility or are staying instead of parent(s)/ carer(s) may stay overnight.

Your room will be clean and ready for you on your arrival. If you would like it cleaned during your stay we will happily do this, please just ask. Fresh supplies of towels are available and if you run short of any household items, do let us know.

Siblings may have their own room upstairs from the age of 11, at the discretion of the Care Team, but the parent(s)/carer(s) remains responsible for them at all times. Siblings may stay unaccompanied upstairs at 16 years of age.

The upstairs lounge is for your use.  Please help yourself to beverages and snacks and take advantage of a lie-in before breakfast. You can also use the microwave to heat up takeaways or cook a complete meal using the oven. Please let the cooks know if you run short of the basic supplies.  Main meals are served downstairs within the hospice.

We will do a child’s laundry but if you wish to do any personal washing yourself you can use our laundry facilities.

outside little havens

Our grounds are extensive and they are for you to enjoy.  Our own landscaped garden is easy to follow through wheelchair friendly walkways.  We are surrounded by the Little Havens Nature Reserve which is managed by the Essex Wildlife Trust.  Fields and woodland paths are marked for you to explore. Please close gates as you go.

We are happy to provide families with the opportunity to take advantage of this woodland – visiting and walking through it at any time, following the designated walkways and paths.  

Please speak to any member of the Care Team for further information.

Contact us today on 01702 220350 or email us