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end of life care

We understand that this can be a difficult time, and you may be feeling all kinds of emotions. 

This page will explain to you what you can expect from Little Havens Hospice when you’re referred to us for this type of care.

what is “end of life” care?

Once it has been established that a child or young person is reaching the end of their life, the emphasis of care will change. 

The main priorities will be to keep them comfortable and to ease any symptoms they may have.

We will endeavour to meet any special wishes the child or family has, such as seeing special people (family and friends), creating special memories (taking photographs, writing poetry, hand and footprints), or having special things around them (their own duvet, pictures on the wall, their own music/toys/belongings).

what will happen if we’re being transferred from hospital?

If you have been in hospital, you may have decided to receive end of life care at Little Havens.  In this instance the hospital ward will liaise directly with us, giving us all of the information we need. 

Where appropriate they will send copies of documentation, stocks of medicines and other supplies.  

Hospice care may feel very different to hospital care.  Whilst we will have received a full handover of care from the hospital you may notice some changes.

Care will be less governed by times or routines, and more by reacting to the child’s condition or preferences.  Where possible we will minimise monitoring, and will review their medication regime. 

who can stay with us during this time?

We welcome the whole family to Little Havens, and family is whatever you define it as.

There is limited accommodation above the hospice for immediate family to stay in, and we welcome visitors with your permission. 

Meals will be provided for resident family free of charge.

what other support is there?

We don’t just provide medical and nursing care. We have an extensive Family Support team who you can talk to about any aspect of your feelings or fears.

Our Chaplaincy team is available to look after your spiritual needs. They can pray with you, if you so wish, or contact your local faith leader.

If you have other children, we also offer sibling support, either within the hospice or through the various activity groups which take place throughout the year.  We’re happy to provide you with additional information about these.

what if our child’s condition stabilises?

If it has been established that a child is at the end of their life, it is highly unlikely that their condition will improve.  However, it may stabilise, sometimes for extended periods. 

If this happens, we may have a discussion with the family and other professionals involved in their care about discharging the child and family home. 

This will only happen if all parties are in agreement, that there is adequate support at home, and the child can return at any time, should their condition deteriorate. 

will I be charged at the end of our stay?

The care we give to your child and family is free of charge. This is possible thanks to the charitable donations made by our kind supporters.

how do I get in touch?

If you have any other questions about our care services or what to expect, please contact us for an informal and confidential chat on 01702 552200.

Contact us today on 01702 220350 or email us