Local children express feelings in an art exhibition

As part of Children’s Grief Awareness Week last month, children supported by Little Havens took part in an art exhibition to express their feelings.

The exhibition saw the artwork of both bereaved children and young people living in a household with life-limiting illnesses display their creative work, which were created during one-to-one counselling sessions and the charity’s bereavement group, Headspace.

Children and young people are sometimes unable to verbalise their thoughts and feelings, so creative work gives them a space to explore and express them in a different way.

The families arrived at Little Havens in Thundersley to a red carpet entrance and a delicious buffet for everyone to enjoy. The masterpieces on show included canvas artwork, mask work, poetry, button family trees and other personal methods.

Katherine Barrett, a Children’s and Young Person Counsellor at the charity, says, “The children and young people who chose to share their work showed such bravery and courage in doing so. I hope that this empowered them to feel proud and to know that their work can make such a huge difference and impact to others too.”

Jacob, one of the artists at the event who is supported by Little Havens, said, “I feel proud of my work. I feel happy.”

Other artists felt proud knowing that people wanted to hear their stories and said they didn’t feel alone in their grief anymore.

Visitors to the exhibition thanked the children and young people for sharing their pieces, calling it ‘eye-opening’, ‘brilliant and inventive’ and ‘beautiful art.’

Little Havens provides specialist care and support for babies, children, young people and their families living with complex or incurable conditions from Essex and the surrounding boroughs, so the whole family can get the most from life and make every day count.

To learn more about Little Havens and how you can support them, visit www.havenshospices.org.uk.

Published 20th December 2023 

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