Havens Hospices raises a glass to Tapp’d for pledging ‘life-long’ support

To mark its birthday Essex-based Tapp’d Cocktails launched its commitment to support its local children’s hospice Little Havens.

Tapp’d visited the hospice on 31st January and Havens Hospices is excited about all the fundraising activities they have planned to support hundreds of local families who need hospice care.

Tony Plato, Managing Director of Tapp’d Cocktails said, “We are honoured to announce a life-long commitment to Little Havens Hospice in Essex which provides palliative nursing and supportive care to children and young people, living with complex or incurable conditions.

“On behalf of my Co-directors, I am delighted to confirm that we have pledged to match, from our own money, every and any donation made via our website platform to aid and assist this worthy and essential charity.

“With your help and our pledge to match every penny donated from our own personal money, we aim to raise in the coming years over £1m.

Steve Smith, CEO of Havens Hospices, the charity Little Havens is part of, said, “Little Havens is honoured and thrilled to have been chosen as a charity partner of Tapp’d Cocktails. As a successful local business supporting the children’s hospice for Essex, we are excited about what the future has in store for this partnership.

“When there is no cure, Little Havens provides the care babies, children and young adults need across Essex. We must raise over £52,000 every week to be there for those who need us. Every pound Tapp’d raises will help us continue ‘Making every day count’ to hundreds of local families who rely on the care of the hospice.”

For more information on how Little Havens is ‘Making every day count’ for local children visit www.havenshospices.org.uk

For more information about Tapp’d, visit www.tappdcocktails.com

Published 7th February 2023

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Representatives from Little Havens and Tapp'd cocktails at Little Havens holding tapp'd bottles and a cocktail shaker