Havens Hospices Consent For Publicity Form 

Media Policy and Consent for Publicity Form

At Havens Hospices, our specialist care is free but we can only exist because of the support and generosity of the community. Together, we’re ‘Making every day count.’

A powerful way of communicating our message is to give insight into the care Havens Hospices provides and the impact it has on those who benefit from it. Sharing these real experiences helps to encourage existing and potential supporters, and also raises awareness of the care and support available within the home and at our two hospices.

We may share your story in various ways, including on our social media channels, our website, during talks and presentations, in our supporter magazine, newsletters and leaflets, with existing/potential funders such as Trusts and Foundations, and media relations.

As in all areas of our work, our first priority when communicating our vision is the comfort and care of our patients and children - and their families. We recommend you consider the feelings of your next of kin/relatives and tell them that you have allowed Havens Hospices to take and use your video/photograph/interview as it may be used over a period of several months, up to five years. This may be after a patient/child has died.

Your interview/photos/videos will be kept for five years, after which time if we wish to continue to use it we will contact you to extend this period. You or your next of kin/relative/representative can contact Havens Hospices at any point and ask us not to use the photograph/interview again.

Please remember that once your photo, video or interview are published and in circulation (for example on the internet, on promotional material or in a newspaper) it may be copied and used by others. If you or your next of kin ask us to withdraw the photos/interview/video, we will not actively use them again and will ask others to stop doing so, but we cannot guarantee this.

Havens Hospices will:

  • Never share your details without your expressed permission and complies with GDPR data protection law
  • Store your personal information (contact details, photos, interview) in a confidential and secure electronic file separate to your medical records
  • Let visiting families know when the media is working at Fair Havens/Little Havens
  • Be present and oversee all interviews and photo calls if requested
  • Manage the conduct of the media during interviews, photo calls and other activities, making sure they respect the sensitivity of the material they are handling
  • Attempt to ensure patient’s/children’s/families’ wishes are respected at all times
  • Allow patients/children/families to approve relevant content prior to release (in Havens Hospices communications)
  • Let patients/children/families know where their interview/photo/video is being used
  • Give copies of Havens Hospices material to patient/family upon request
  • Never use the patient’s/child’s/family name unless agreed to do so and will treat all information in confidence
  • Remove photographs/interviews/videos from further active internal usage if a patient/child/family requests to do so by contacting our Head of Marketing and Digital, Amy Dearing on 01702 220301 or adearing@havenshospices.org.uk

Terms of Use

Havens Hospices may share your/your child/your relative’s photo/interview/video for promotional purposes across a range of platforms and materials or up to five years including:

  • Charity publications such as newsletters, supporter letters and reports/applications for trusts and grants
  • Havens Hospices social media pages including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn
  • Media press articles
  • Havens Hospices website (havenshospices.org.uk) and eNews
  • Fundraising communications, including; talks, presentations, thank you letters, leaflets (including Lottery, Legacies, events and In Memory materials)
  • Shared with hospice sector third parties (i.e. Hospice UK, Together For Short Lives)
  • DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • Contact details of person giving consent

  • Declaration

    I have read and understood the above and I give permission for Havens Hospices to use my/my child’s/my relative’s photos/interview for up to five years.
  • DD slash MM slash YYYY