Elijah with nurse

Elijah’s story

Elijah was diagnosed just hours after his premature birth at 31 weeks with a rare virus infection, causing a number of other complex conditions which affect Elijah’s brain and development. This means the two year old is unable to walk, talk or see, but responds very well to the sense of touch and sound.

Mum Natasha says, “I was quite happy to consider Little Havens. I’ve always known Elijah was life-limited and he was likely to not live into adulthood. I’ll always take what support is offered if it’s of benefit to Elijah and myself.”

“The hospice is just beautiful as it had not long been refurbished. I could see how everything was tailor made for children with disabilities and life-limiting conditions.  

“We especially love the pool. It’s our favourite part. Elijah has issues regulating his temperature and is always cold so needs a pool that is consistently warm. The hoisting system makes it safer to lift him in and out too.  

“Everything is just tailor made for kids like Elijah –  the sensory room, hoists, bath, gardens. It’s nice to go somewhere where you don’t have to worry about fitting in. It’s very difficult for us to go anywhere that is accessible and fun for him. Even at a local park there’s only one swing he can go on.” 

Elijah and Natasha recently had their first overnight stay. “It couldn’t have been timed better following Elijah’s first PICU (Paediatric Intensive Care Unit) admission. We were both exhausted and really benefited from the opportunity to relax and for me to just enjoy being Elijah’s mum. It allowed me to stop and enjoy Elijah and see just how much he is capable of.

“We have home visits from Little Havens too. We absolutely love having our carer Amanda come over and get to know Elijah, what his little oddities are and what makes him happy. We’re just very, very grateful for the hospice and everything they do for families like us.”

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Published in 2021



Little Havens understand Elijah’s needs, they’re enthusiastic to helping us get the best out of his life, and everything is tailored to allow us to do that.

Natasha, Elijah's Mum