Fair Havens patient with nurses and easter arts

Amanda’s story

Amanda is 34 years old and is living with bowel cancer. Fair Havens cared for her when the pain became too much to handle at home. Amanda had heard of Fair Havens before. She’d been due to attend counselling at the new building in Prittlewell but was cancelled due to the Coronavirus outbreak when all face to face support had to be suspended.

“I was nervous when the hospice was mentioned. You hear the word, and automatically think of end of life care. I did feel scared, but as soon as I met the nurses and doctors, I felt comfortable straight away.

“They have managed to get my pain under control and I feel so much better than when I came in. I’ve only been here a few days but the difference they’ve made is enormous.

“We’re now planning for me to go home which includes equipment to help me around the house, care at home and support for my family. I’ll be popping back too for a consultation in a couple of weeks with the Medical and Nursing Team.

The hospice only opened for patients six weeks ago, and Amanda has been making the most of the facilities it offers.

“The bedroom is fantastic. The bed can be adjusted so I can sleep in a comfy position and I can change the lighting in the room so it’s not as bright.

Obviously the Coronavirus has had an impact on Amanda’s care within the hospice, as visiting has to be restricted. “My husband and children came to see me on a beautifully sunny day so they were able to sit outside my bedroom on the patio area and my bed could be turned around so I could sit up and chat to them. I have a lovely view from where I am.

“I had only been apart from my children for a few days, but of course I missed them terribly. It was important they knew where I was, it was a nice place and I was being looked after. They were also given Easter eggs by the Care Team which they enjoyed! It was really thoughtful of them.

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Published in 2020

“I’ve only been here a few days but the difference they’ve made is enormous.”