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Gender Pay Gap

Havens Hospices submits yearly Gender Pay Gap information as part of The Equality Act 2010.  

For 2023/24, the data shows: 

Gender Pay Gap


Mean Pay Gap


Median Pay Gap


Mean Bonus Pay Gap


Median Bonus Pay


We are reporting a mean pay gap for both hourly pay and bonuses. The mean pay gap is influenced by very high and very low pay and does not report typical hourly earnings, and as we have a predominately female workforce and a very small number of male employees even small fluctuations in the male workforce can have a significant impact on our gender pay gap, specifically our “mean” calculation.

Key findings in the data analysis identified an increase in females working in the lower hourly pay quarter. 

It is important that we look at our pay gap overtime. The mean gender pay gap for hourly pay within the charity 2022-23 is 9.4%, and this has increased by 3.5% from the previous year. This difference in hourly pay is influenced by the increased headcount and higher concentration of women in the lower pay bands (and lowest pay quartile).

As of April 2024, we are 86.5% women.  As part of our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion strategy we will continue to explore how we can attract more men into our organisation to create a more even gender balance, given that we have more women than men at most levels of our organisation.  

We will continue to address our gender pay gap through the commitments under the People-focused strategic plan but more widely:

  • Minimising career obstacles for working parents – responsibilities typically biased towards women
  • Provide training around unconscious bias and EDI, to increase awareness, and develop improved inclusivity and diversity across our workforce
  • Ensuring our reward frameworks drive and delivers equity of pay
  • Developing our attraction and recruitment practices to drive equity, transparency, and fairness in all reward matters
  • Continue to improve opportunities across all roles in all areas of the organisation; and
  • Continue to improve our recruitment, talent management and career development practices to actively promote and deliver opportunity for all talented people seeking development opportunities across the organisation.