Equity, Diversity and Inclusion at Havens Hospices

Havens Hospices is committed to equity, diversity and inclusion, but we want our actions to go beyond words on a page or a social media post.

Over the years, we have made progress in embedding EDI into our culture. However, there is still more we can and should do.  

The Board of Trustees have approved a three-year EDI Strategy at Havens Hospices which sets out our commitment and ambition to do more over the next three years to foster a truly equal and inclusive environment for our workforce, our patients and the community we serve.  

What are we working towards? 

For our patients 

  • Providing equitable access and information for patients
  • Providing more opportunities for service user engagement so we are listening to our patients and delivering the care they need

For our community

  • Target outreach in underrepresented communities
  • Build stronger relationships with local community services
  • Use data to ensure we are reaching everyone in our community. 

For our workforce 

  • Creating an empowered and diverse workforce
  • Providing an open and fair culture
  • Having fair practices and career development opportunities
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So far we've:
  • We are collating EDI data from our service users so we can better understand who is accessing our services 
  • Our holistic assessments have been updated to ensure that our care includes everything important to the patient
  • We have been involved in collaborations across our local community to reach more people, for example, working with hospices across Mid and South East Essex to launch the Rapid Access Discharge Service. 
  • We successfully piloted ‘No Barriers Here’, a Compassionate Communities project about Advanced Care Planning, with a local organisation who supports people facing homelessness.
  • Created a group of employees from across Havens Hospices with responsibility for steering the organisation’s commitment to EDI
  • Launched Staff and Volunteer Networks to offer a safe space for individuals based on shared identity, life experience and protected characteristics.
  • Anonymised screening of new applicants by removing personal details from CV's and application forms, eliminating conscious and unconscious bias. Read more on our Equal Opportunities recruitment statement here

There is still more to do – there always will be. But it’s a journey we’re committed to. Every one of us, ‘Making every day count.’

If you'd like to share your feedback and suggestions you can get in touch anytime by emailing info@havenshospices.org.uk