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You can raise money specifically for Fair Havens Hospice or Little Havens Hospice, but by donating the money you raise to Havens Hospices, we can spend it where there is the greatest need.

We don’t charge a penny for our care – and that’s only possible because of donations made by people like you. We are the only place in the area wholly dedicated to caring for those with life-limiting illnesses.

If you want to know more about the care provided by your local hospices or the way your donations are used then you can use the links below to invite a Community Champion to give a talk or request a visit from Betsy – our friendly butterfly mascot.

community champions

Our team of volunteer Community Champions love being out and about in the local community to share stories about the charity.

We can arrange for one of our Community Champions to come along to an event you have organised or to present a talk at your school, church, community group or company about Fair Havens Hospice and/or Little Havens Hospice.

They have a range of resources to bring our work to life including personal stories, presentations, DVD's and literature, and they will talk about the care provided by the hospices and the difference that your donations make.

To invite a Community Champion along to your event please complete our form or contact the Fundraising Team on 01702 220305.

Margaret and Bob Harvey 02

“After so many years of volunteering for the hospices we wanted to share our experiences of the care they provide and the way they rely on the local community. By becoming Community Champions we are aiming to share this information with as many people as possible. We’re very happy to give talks to groups, accept donations or attend your fundraising events. We’ll aim to bring the hospices to life for you." Margaret Harvey

Stuart Rosen 02

“I think if you say to people ‘What is a hospice?’ they have a general idea of what they do, but most people don’t have a real understanding. Hospices could touch anybody, at any time in their lives, so I think it is important that people really understand them. Little Havens isn’t a sad place, it is full of laughter and fun, it is somewhere the whole family can enjoy together.” Stuart Rosen

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