Young girl and health care assistant using sign language in the ball pit at Little Havens

How we are governed

Everyone matters at Havens Hospices; we care not just for patients but their families, friends and neighbours too.

Meet our Trustees

As a registered charity, Havens Hospices has a Board of Trustees. These unpaid volunteers are responsible for the governance of Havens Hospices, overseeing the management and administration of the organisation.Our Trustees in short hold overall legal responsibility for the charity. Their role is fulfilled through regular Governance Committee Meetings and are updated on developments across the organisation in order to monitor, improve and evidence the high quality care we are providing to our patients and families, as well as supporters, staff and volunteers

Meet our Leadership Team

The role of our Leadership Team is to provide the best environment to care for those who need it most. Giving guidance and governance and making important strategic decisions.